Voice Lessons

  • Age 12 and up
  • All musical styles
  • 60 & 45 Minute Lessons available
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced technique
  • Increase vocal range, power and control
  • Correct pitch issues and improve tonal quality
  • Improve diction (in multiple languages)

Vocal Coaching

  • For professional entertainers (i.e. vocalists, dancers, actors/actresses)
  • Maintain and improve skill level
  • Advanced Vocal Technique
  • Song Interpretation
  • Role Preparation (Musical Theatre & Opera)
  • Receive specific guidance for upcoming performance(s)

Studio Coaching

  • Coach studio artists for maximum effectiveness during the recording process
  • Pre-Studio Preparation/Coaching
  • On Site/In Studio Coaching

Performance Coaching

  • Coach artists/performers for quality, live performances
  • Pre-Performance Preparation/Coaching
  • Stage Presence and use of Stage Space/Area
  • Pacing and Stamina
  • On-Site (at show) Support
  • Post-Performance Review and Support

Piano Lessons

  • All Styles of Music
  • Music Theory
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Learners