TESTIMONIALS (Professional Vocalists)




Damon is more than a vocal coach he inspires his students to be the best they can be and do the most with their craft. He can hear and find the beauty in every voice. He not only teaches his students how to use their voice properly, but also how to embrace their individual voice so it can shine!




I have been working with Damon for about two years now. He has helped tremendously in improving my vocal abilities by visualizing what he wants you to do and even performs the examples himself so you don’t feel self conscious while doing them. Damon K. Clark studios is a very safe environment to take on new challenges and techniques while having fun in the process. Damon really takes time to understand where your weaknesses or areas of improvement are and and makes sure every lesson caters to your voice personally. Damon is a wonderful person/coach and I always enjoy working with him. 

Operatic Soprano

Damon possesses the rare ability to teach, coach, produce, perform, and be your greatest cheerleader. Although he teaches all voice types and styles of music, his technique always puts the singer’s health and career longevity first. He’s a compassionate perfectionist who will push you to improve without making you feel bad about your flaws – and then will celebrate your every success with you. I cannot say enough good about Damon.


​Operatic Soprano

I have never met a coach more committed to my vocal health and holistic success as an artist than Damon K. Clark. Every session always seem to be skillfully crafted just for me. His ability to assess and thoroughly diagnose any vocal inconsistencies with identifying a root cause and  providing a healthy and practical solution is extremely impressive. In every session, I am inspired to venture outside of my comfort zone to fully embrace every piece of music, while embracing who I am in that sacred space of musical expression. I am also very grateful for his imparting many nuggets of wisdom concerning the business side of music that has also helped me to grow my brand as an artist. After being negatively impacted by former coaches, he was also very patient enough to help me to heal as a singer and continuously remind me of my purpose and to stand unapologetically as such. He has greatly changed my life, not just because of his vocal instruction and advice, but because of who he is, as a person, that always inspires me, and makes me brave. 


Operatic Soprano

Damon's knowledge across genres, voice types, and music history is immense! Not to mention, the man's singing talent runs the gamut! Damon coached me back from a very difficult place, working with him has brought back my vocal confidence. I'm tackling rep. I thought I would never sing because it was too challenging. He's blunt, but has patience. He'll very quickly know what your voice is capable of and then he'll equip you in order to reach that potential. If you put in the effort, then the sky's the limit with your vocal dreams! Cheesy but so stinkin' true! Have you received vocal and music training at the collegiate level but wanting to keep your vocal chops? Are you an aspiring singer/songwriter? Do you want to hone your jazz singing and scat skills? Do you have a musical theater or opera audition coming up? Are you wanting to learn how to sing? Or maybe it's something else within the realm of singing. Whatever it is, Damon is the teacher/coach to work with!


Tenor (Gospel/Musical Theatre/Opera/Pop)

Damon is a very wonderful, patient, and passionate voice instructor. I started with him back the latter part of 2015 in order to prepare for the Dallas Opera Chorus auditions. He uses the Bel Canto method of which I had never taken before from previous voice instructors. I have been able to sing effortlessly through his teaching methods and have been well prepared for my auditions of which I've had second call backs for. Being that I have a huge voice as a dramatic tenor, he's taught me how to use it my instrument in ways that would not tire me out nor wear me out. I would highly recommend any vocalist that is serious about their craft to contact this man!!!



He molds each lesson to your learning pace. Wonderful guy, I'd recommend him to anyone!



Amazing teacher. Fun and talented.



DAMON IS SO MUCH FUN AND SUPER NICE! It's never just about the sound to him; its about the body, the preservation of the voice, the technique, the art, the history, the story telling, and the MUSIC. He's patient, kind, energetic, encouraging, well-educated, and an amazing teacher. Every week I come out feeling not only more confident in my growth as a singer and excited to practice for my next lesson, but also more knowledgable about the world of music and even life in general. I love hanging out with Damon and I totally recommend him to anyone looking for a teacher who can teach everything from rock to rap to musical theater and also unlock the true potential in your voice!


Praise & Worship Leader

By far the best voice coach I have ever worked with. He knows what he is talking about. Damon can teach anybody how to sing effortless. Love, love, love working with him!



It's been a pleasure working with Damon. He's can teach any type of music. And his voice will blow you away every time he sings.


Jazz Vocalist

Damon Clark is very professional, pleasant, and attentive as a vocal coach. Within 10 minutes of our 1st meeting he was able to produce sound out of me I had no idea was possible. This is because he has the ability to customize his lesson for you as an individual and immediately recognize your strengths. He got comfortable, relaxed and warmed up and started the very productive lesson. I would highly recommend Damon as a vocal coach, he is one of the greatest singers I have ever heard and is great with people.


I have been taking lessons from Damon every weekend for 6 months, and I can’t tell you how much learning from him has changed my musicianship. Before I went to him I was timid and unsure of myself as a musician, but after a short time I started seeing significant improvements. Career changing improvements. Not only did Damon fix my bad vocal tendencies, but he gave me amazing opportunities to sing around Dallas and continues to do so. Most of all, he helped me to define myself as the artist I knew was inside of me somewhere, but was thwarted by years of rejection and mistakes. Damon taught me how to be confident, proud, and true to myself and the music I wanted to make. Thanks to him I am now writing my debut EP the way I want to; the way I always knew I could. 


By far the BEST in the DFW! I am a student of his and I truly recommend him to anyone. Vocal Coach and Vocal Teacher for the price of 1! There is a difference! Personality and Knowledge both excellent! You will definitely like him.


Helped me learn the material an my voice very quickly and well. I am definitely going to use him again and would recommend him to anyone who would like to improve their sound and quality.


After years of struggling to develop strong singing skills, Damon has blown that effort out of the water in a few months. I am seeing (hearing) major improvements. He is extremely knowledgeable about the human voice and music in general. And it is clear that he loves what he does.


I have worked with many voice coaches in my singing career, and I'm very happy to be working with Damon! He is energetic, efficient and knows his stuff! His knowledge of music across the genres is rare in voice coaches, and allows him to address students' needs readily. I'm very excited to be working with him!


I’ve been singing since I was 3 years old.  I really don’t remember not singing.  A few months ago, after I started having difficulty doing the things (vocally) that I had always been able to do, I went to an ENT, Dr. Roger D. Tuggle (ENT) who also referred me to a speech Pathologist …Dr. Sheread.  They discovered that I had vocal nodes.  I felt horrible because I thought I would have to undergo surgery and it’s not 100% guaranteed that I would be able to sing again. Anyway, Dr. Tuggle prescribed medication, but also told me to see a vocal coach.  I discovered Damon K. Clark through a coworker and started taking lessons with him. After studying with Damon for just 2 months, I started to see improvement in my vocal ability. So yesterday I went back to the ENT and speech pathologist for a follow up. Dr. Sheread saw my vocal chords and said, “No need to keep seeing me. Continue to see your voice teacher. She smiled and continued, "I love him. I'm glad you found him." Well, I’m glad I found him too. I had the money to make Damon K. Clark a Gold or Platinum plaque, it would read “Greatest Vocal Coach”! Take lessons from Damon K. Clark, ya'll. It's so worth the money and the investment in yourself!"


Ben Rodriguez
Damon is worth every penny and time.if your looking for the next level of singing he can take you there. You will not be disappointed.

Dejah Smithwick

Damon is incredibly talented at what he does and has so much knowledge to share. He is also good at sharing his knowledge in the most relatable and understandable way. He is passionate about music and understands how to adapt his teaching to your needs. Damon is highly recommended.

Candice Henry

Very professional, inspirational to young people!

Brittni Owens

I've been coming to Mr. Clark for over a year and he has helped me correct issues I knew needed help and 4 previous coaches couldn't even identify. He has helped me with keeping my resonance in the correct place, learning to adapt to different genres, singing in foreign languages, prepare for auditions, and has taught me a lot sbout music theory and playing the songs I'm singing. He has given me advice on options I have and pointed me in the right directions to further myself. He differs from all of my previous coaches because with them, I would arrive, sing, and leave, with no real feedback. Mr. Clark is an actual experienced performer and instructor that has taught me the correct way to sing that has helped tremendously!

Danilo Sebastiao

Excellent teacher. Helped me develop my piano and vocal skills. Unfortunately, I had to stop my lessons for a while, but I'll surely be back.

MIquell Hennigan

Damon is extremely professional, kindhearted, and truly cares for his student's well being and their instrument. We are so happy to have found him for our coach. He sees the positive and shares areas of opportunity with respect. We recommend him if you are interested in professionalism, respect, and learning lasting skills for singing.

Janice Hughes

I came to Damon wanting to improve my vocal control, and to prepare for musical theater auditions. He has done a great job at clearly explaining singing voice type, vocal range, and singing techniques to prevent strain on my voice. Not only that, but helped with explaining how to present myself professionally in a musical theater audition. Finally the best part about each session is Damon's positive and encouraging personality!

Oscar Veloz

Mr. Clark has worked with my precocious 10 year old son for about 6 months now. As someone who knows little about music, I have had to learn what little I do know through research, observation, and experience. My absolute goal is to find my son great teachers. What I have come to conclude is that greatness comes from the application of a methodical approach, knowledge, passion, but so too are the intangibles essential. It's those intangibles that make the difference between good and great.As a teacher, Mr.Clark has mojo. He connects and conveys in a way that is conducive to development. He is of even temper, high intelligence, a craftsman, and is just one classy guy. My son has gone from having no vocal presence to now having the ability and confidence to sing on stage. Watching him work with my child is akin to watching Michelangelo chip away at the stone from which David might be born. If one word comes to mind it is "metamorphosis"; Mr. Clark is the impetus that can drive just exactly that in his students. If there were one fear I have it is that at some point Mr. Clark becomes so sought after as a music teacher that our access to him is compromised.

Donna Howse

I just wanted to say Thank you once again for all you do.  You are an amazing person.  I was pleased with Jolie’s progress, she was actually sitting there singing without realizing we could hear her or that I was sitting there.  I could actually hear her!  It was awesome!  A wonderful transition.  Not sure how that came about, but I am hoping
it continues and she works on volume but one step at a time.